Blockchain Anti-counterfeiting
Traceability System Platform in Tea Industry

Project Introduction

Teachain, affiliated to TEA CHAIN FOUNDATION LTD. in Singapore, is the first standardized blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability platform in the tea industry, dedicated to tracing and interacting the data of the entire life cycle of tea planting, picking, processing, logistics, and warehousing, linking the trust bridge between tea enterprises and consumers. TEA is a token that runs through the ecology of the tea industry.
In TeaChain, we will realize the generation, circulation, use and destruction of TEA. Based on this token economy, we will build another Alibaba in tea industry, which belongs to the blockchain world.


  • White paper released
    Standard tea warehouse construction
    TeaChain wallet launch
    Traceability system equipment built
  • Promotion of online tea store
    The traceability system V2.0 completed
    "Tea Mountain Trip" planning
  • Financial statement announcement
    Implementation of the profit repurchase plan
    Launch and promotion of tea infusion machines
    Push-off "tea credit" and "tea auction"
    The traceability system comprehensively promoted
    Open source of public chain
    International exploration
  • Project Initiation
    Project orientation including online store and wallet
    R&D for traceability system
    Partner recruitment
  • Online tea store launch
    Expansion the tea supply chain
    R&D for tea infusion machines
    The traceability system V1.0 completed
  • TEA list on the exchanges
    Traceable data uploaded onto the blockchain
    Online tea store V2.0 launch
    "Tea Mountain Trip" implemented
    "Teapool" function launch


  • Han Liu


  • Lautry


  • Hui Shen


Business Partner